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Benefits of Composting

Why compost is good for your soil and plants

Posted by Angus Stewart

Jan 03

Well made compost is the best material you can add to your soil to make it the best possible environment for plant growth.
Compost does two main things for your soil including

  1.  Improving the structure of your soil in order to make it more open and easier to cultivate and improve its aeration and drainage. Plant roots need to breathe oxygen just like we do so improving the soil’s structure helps grow your plants from the ground up! Simply by adding broken down organic matter (also commonly referred to as humus) you will help your soil by glueing the inorganic particles together. Humus also acts like a sponge by soaking up water and nutrients as they flow through the soil, thereby ensuring they are not leached away and hence lost to plant roots.
  2. Fertilising the soil – for this we need a compost that has been made from nutrient rich organic materials such as animal manure, worm castings or kitchen scraps. This is because the nutrient value of a compost is determined by what goes in as raw ingredients. Home composts will generally have a reasonable nutrient content if lots of moist kitchen scraps are being added to lawn and garden clippings. However, if you mix in a couple of bags of a high nutrient manure such as chicken or duck this will absolutely ensure a nutrient rich compost that is ideal for digging into tired soils that need a lift.


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