Why Compost & Worm Farm

Approximately 50% of household waste and 30% of all the waste we throw away is organic.

It could be recycled into a rich fertilizer and used to feed our earth. Instead we use valuable Council resources to collect the waste and drop it into landfill – where it becomes harmful to the environment.

Organic waste in landfill breaks down and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and contributes to landfill leachate that can impact on the environment.

Did you know that worms will eat most of your kitchen waste and process it into rich plant food. Best of all worm castings and worm tea have amazing benefits for your gardens health as they help increase the immune system of plants.  Worm farms suit every family no matter how large or small.  Worm farms aren’t smelly and don’t require a lot of maintenance and best of all they are really fun!

Composting is one of those activities that most of us would like to do regularly to not only reduce our environmental footprint, but also to improve our gardens. However, the pressures of modern life as well as the diminishing size of suburban gardens have made it harder and harder to find the time and space to build the traditional steaming hot compost heap. The good news is that a host of innovative composting solutions have been developed so that even in a high rise apartment it is possible to recycle organic materials that you generate each day.

Our aim at Reducelandfil is to show you practical ways to turn a variety of what some consider to be waste materials into one of the most valuable of all resources on the planet, beautiful, nutrient-rich humus. The best way to then use this resource is by growing wonderful organic produce that not only tastes great, but is also a health tonic for you and your children, as well as being part of an environmental education. To help you on this very satisfying journey we will be providing you with practical tips and videos to take you through the loop from composting as much of your organic wastes as possible to using this to grow your garden, from the smallest pot or window box to a large landscaped garden. Enjoy the journey!